Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Assalamualaikum.. good day...

It seems very long period i'd left to write something here. And this is the first time i write in english. Hope that no one laugh if there's too many language errors. If i'm not mistaken, the last time i wrote in english was in 1998, during UPM matriculation programme.

Many people queue in a bank to pay bills, bank in some money for somebody their loved one, credit card payment and many more. Many still don't realised that most of these can be done just by a click in front of pc or laptop. At these moment, i can still make a money transfers even at 11pm inside my house to my mom, brothers and sisters, pay my credit card bills, my wife PTPTN loan, electrical bills....

Don't u think that u can avoid from traffic jam, queue up for half an hour and many more if we know how to start the process.

The process start at the bank's Auto Teller Machine, not Cash Deposit Machine.

1) Make sure you have an account from the bank, at least savings account. Apply for an atm card.
2) Insert your card into the bank's ATM machine and key in the i.d number.
3) Press a "INTERNET BANKING" button. You must create at least 6 figure for password. For example 873625. And you have to key in again the same password.
4) Your transaction are almost complete. Keep the receipt as a reference.

The process continue, but now it going to be an online process-internet (computer, laptop).

Type the bank's address, for example (for CIMB bank). Click "First Time Login". Answer all the question, and don't forget that the ATM bank receipt is important, because you need to key in the password. The verification will be send to your email account. So, you need an email to complete all these process.

Click the verification through email, and your will be ordered to key in the old password and create a new password. Then, you may start pamper youself and do all the transaction at home when the rest still searching for carpark before they can enter the bank.

Anyway, Salam Eiduladha to all muslim readers. The history of sacrifice between Prophet Ibrahim and his son, Prophet Ismail in the name of Allah is meaningless to us, if we do not know the philosophy and the meaning behind it.


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